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Vision and Missions

As an engineering company, We certainly have a strong vision & mission. The vision of msp is “Better Life through Automation” and the mission is “to be the most innovate company in automation for giving an optimal feedback for customer, employee and shareholder”.
Innovation is the main key that keeps our company superior and grows. We culture creativity, always try to find different perspective to find the best solution and dare to take risk in any new changes. We create and modify technology become products and services, and always try to find new way to make the technologies useful.
Flexibility to us is an attitude that we can adapt with any kind of changes, but consistent with the principals that we think right, until those principal are not suitable with the era anymore.
Giving the best total solution for solving problem is our commitments to customer. Create an automatic solution, base on simple, safe and comfortable operating system to achieve an accurate, effective and efficient result. All we have done is for customer satisfactory.